Dear Valued Customer,

We have been blessed with some amazing "Spring-like" weather these past few days! This gets us very excited about the landscape season ahead. With the early frost we had in the beginning of Winter many leaves were left frozen to the ground and still remain along with may sticks and branches that have fallen due to the icy and windy weather we have had over the past several weeks.

As always, we like to get our Spring clean-up's done as early as possible for the health of your lawn and landscaping as we are noticing the grass beginning to green and buds forming on some trees.

For current customers, here is our plan for this 2018 season:

  • Lime applications will be going down end of Feb, beginning of March.

  • Spring clean-up's begin

  • If you are a regular mulch customer, we will have our edging crew out to prep and apply weed pre-emergent to your flower beds so when you are ready for mulch you are all set!

  • If you are not a regular mulch customer and are interested in mulch this year, please contact us to get pricing info and get on our list as soon as possible.

  • Spring Holidays are early this year, so get a jump on your outdoor projects as our schedule will be filling up quickly!!

Many of you know that planting new bushes and trees are optimal in the Spring & Fall. If you would like to add to or change up your current landscape, now is the best time to do so.

Contact us today for your lawn and landscaping needs!

215-997-5769 or email at phil@picciottigroup.com

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Daylight Savings, Spring Forward - March 11th

St. Patrick's Day - March 17th

1st Day of Spring - March 20th

Palm Sunday - March 25th

Start of Passover - March 30th

April Fool's Day - April 1st

Easter Sunday - April 1st

End of Passover - April 7th

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