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3 Reasons Why You Need A Fall Clean-Up

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In the fall, it’s easy to want to forgo fall yard clean-up tasks. It’s getting chilly out, and soon the snow will cover all the dead leaves, twigs, and other waste, right? Well, there are a lot of benefits of having your yard cleaned up before winter hits. Here are 3 essential benefits to fall yard clean-up that will put mowing, raking, and hauling on your priority list this season:

1. Eliminate mold, bacteria, and diseases that can be festering in dead materials

2. Displace invasive insects that often winter on the ground (especially boring insects that can threaten your trees)

3. Lessen your workload next spring

Your fall clean-up routine should contain at least these steps:

  • Mow, aerate, and fertilize your lawn

  • Have dead materials raked out of flower beds and other corners of your yard

  • Trim any high weeds and brush to a manageable height

  • Rake or vacuum up dead leaves, twigs, and other debris

  • Get rid of brush piles either by hauling them away or chipping them up

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