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Repairing Your Lawn from Damage Done Over the Winter.

During the winter a lot of not so good things can happen to your lawn. If the snow lays on the grass for too long you can get snow mold, which is a fungal disease that causes brown circles in your lawn. These circles can be as large as 12″ or just a couple of inches. There are different types of snow mold, one does little permanent damage to the lawn, the other does serious damage to the grass plants.

The best way to fix the problem of winter damage to your lawn is to rake up the brown areas with a rake the best you can and simply sprinkle some grass seed over the damaged area. There’s really not a lot of magic to planting grass seed. If you have bare soil then you want to take these steps:

1. Loosen the soil at least one inch deep.

2. Rake the soil smooth, but leaving small clods of soil isn’t a bad thing. They actually shade some of the grass seeds. It’s like me or you standing under the ledge of a huge cliff.

3. Apply grass seed with a spreader or shake it on with your hand. Most grass seeds can be applied at a rate of five pounds per 1,000 square feet.

4. Take a broom and sweep over the soil pressing the seed into the soil and covering some of the seeds with just a tiny amount of soil.

5. Apply a mulch that will hold moisture. The green mulch that you can buy at the garden stores that contains a starter fertilizer actually work pretty well.

6. Straw is a bit messy and if you can keep it in place it makes a good mulch.

The Earlier in the Season You Plant Grass Seed the Better and the Faster it will Establish itself.

Spring is the ideal time for sowing grass seed. The soil is warming up but the sun is not blazing hot as it is in the summer. If you water once a day in the spring that should be plenty for freshly planted grass seed.

Snow Plow Damage?

Same thing. Just rake the area smooth, add some topsoil if need be and plant the grass seed as describe above.

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